Boom or Bust Times Ahead 02-16-17

In a complete break with tradition, President Donald Trump called an unexpected press conference today that ran for nearly two hours. He announced the nomination of Alex Acosta as Secretary of Labor, spoke on a wide range of topics and answered questions in an exchange with a sometimes hostile press.
Among other things, Trump noted the surprise bullishness of the stock market and economy after his election and inauguration and his 55 percent approval rating in a new Rasmussen poll.

Busy White House Activity, Markets Remain Calm 02-02-17

Despite a raft of actions from the White House in the first two weeks of the new administration, U.S. markets have remained relatively calm.

A controversial executive order imposes two temporary bans—120 days for all refugees to the U.S. and immigrants from seven Muslim majority nations—to avert potential infiltration by adversaries until the government can institute new, more effective screening methods. Read more about Busy White House Activity, Markets Remain Calm 02-02-17

Good News: Energy Prices Rise, But Not Too Much 01-26-17

As the world grows more and more uncertain, given the still nascent trade policies of the new Trump administration, one thing remains sure: commodity prices, as we have long predicted, are destined to rise over the long term.

Today March West Texas Intermediate oil futures increased on the New York Mercantile Exchange to nearly $54 per barrel, their best showing in three weeks. March futures for Brent, meanwhile, closed north of $56 per barrel. Read more about Good News: Energy Prices Rise, But Not Too Much 01-26-17

A Chapter Closes, Another Begins 01-19-17

Today marks the last full day in office for outgoing president Barack Obama. Although he assumed office during the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression and he leaves it with U.S. stocks at or near their peaks, not to mention 75 consecutive months of job creation, U.S. wages have been only recently shown some signs of picking up, and productivity has not recovered to anything like normal. Furthermore, the U.S. labor participation rate closed 2016 at less than 63 percent, near its 40-year low. Read more about A Chapter Closes, Another Begins 01-19-17

Spotlight on Cyber 01-12-17

Yesterday president-elect Donald Trump held his first press conference since the summer. He spoke chiefly on cyber security, an area whose importance we have repeatedly stressed in this space. Naturally, headlined allegations that Russia had leaked political emails to the press, so as to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election brought cyber security further into focus. Read more about Spotlight on Cyber 01-12-17