Commodities Hold Strong With Improving Fundamentals

In January few might have guessed we would reach the point we see now. We mean, of course, the relative stability of the price of oil. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude, now firmly above the $40 mark, has stayed remarkably stable in the weeks since the Doha meeting, when the world's major oil producing countries failed to strike an agreement on a production freeze. In the end this seemingly negative news was irrelevant, and it therefore did not send markets into a tail-spin; the price of oil held steady and gained afterwards. Read more about Commodities Hold Strong With Improving Fundamentals

April Issue to Publish Tomorrow 04-28-16

In lieu of the regular weekly update, we provide a preview of the upcoming April issue of Leeb's Real World Investing, to publish tomorrow.

In the issue, we review several critical natural resources, focusing on lithium, rare earths, and copper. We explain why lithium, in particular, is a natural resource we mustn't neglect.

We recommend two new stocks with strong upside. One is a specialty-chemicals company with advantages in lithium. The other is an electric car company that we think could best Tesla.

See the issue for details.
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Much A-Doha About Nothing 04-21-16

Despite OPEC’s failure to settle on terms for a production freeze in Doha this weekend, oil has rebounded and now trades at higher levels than before the highly anticipated meeting. While the initial reaction saw a sharp price decline, the reversal on the upside was strong and highlights some of the underlying factors in the oil market that are apparently supporting prices for the time being.

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Doha Up Ahead 04-14-16

Traders, it appears, have been given a shot of optimism this week, pushing both equity and oil markets past 2016 highs. Oil has rallied for one of the best weeks in recent memory pushing ahead more than 10 percent since our last update. Indeed, the primary driver for oil right now, and possibly for equity markets as well, has been the lead-up to OPEC's April 17th meeting in Doha, Qatar. The initial optimism surrounding Doha was mostly based on the presumption that OPEC members will officially decide upon a production freeze to bring oil markets back to normal prices. Read more about Doha Up Ahead 04-14-16

Trouble in Paradise 04-07-16

Earlier this week populist leaders around the world finally got some vindication after years of claiming the World's elite were rigging the system against working people. The so called "Panama Papers," already called the biggest leak in history, contain documents dating back to the 1970s which outline the channels by which wealthy individuals have been able to hide their wealth from home country governments through shell companies they established in Panama. Read more about Trouble in Paradise 04-07-16