Look Forward to Next Issue 11-19-15

We will publish our November issue of Leeb's Real World Investing early next week. In the issue, we will examine the likely inclusion of the Chinese yuan in the IMF's Special Drawing Rights and why we think it is a bigger deal than most people think. Additionally we will review what we see as the continued anomalies in the oil market and the need for defense.

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Changing Players in the Game 11-12-15

Oil headlines are currently monopolized by Saudi Arabia and their noteworthy overproduction. After all, this goes a long way to explain the current state of oil prices, that is, depressed. How has this affected other oil exporters worldwide?

The oil production game to claim market share is a vicious one—with clearly defined winners and losers. Today, we’ll look at some of the knock-on effects of Saudi Arabia’s ongoing policy of full speed ahead production.

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Despite Weak Earnings, We Retain Hope

Despite some strength at the opening, the third-quarter earnings season will not be too kind to most investors this year. In fact, if the current trend holds, the third-quarter earnings season could be the worst since 2009. Leading the downward charge, no surprise, are oil, gas and other commodities. While these companies compose only 7.3 percent of the S&P 500, U.S. oil related activity contributes more to total U.S. economic growth than it did prior to the financial crisis, so depressed oil and gas prices and the consequent lean earnings have hit the broad market relatively hard. Read more about Despite Weak Earnings, We Retain Hope

Sunny Side Up 10-29-15

Canadian energy producer Suncor Energy (SU), added to our portfolio in the latest issue, reported third quarter earnings before all other major Canadian energy operations. While results do not compare favorably to the same period last year, the company handily beat expectations, and the stock price consequently increased more than 3 percent today.

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October 2015

How to Dress Up Your Portfolio for Potential Foul Weather

In our issue we add one stock with a great history of success and should be among the biggest winners (if not THE biggest winner) if the trends we've seen in recent years, more numerous and stronger natural disasters, continue or intensify.

We also add an unconventional oil producer that boasts a rare combination among the group: growing production and positive cash flow. We also look at the latest trend in rig productivity and how gold stocks have fared lately. Read more about How to Dress Up Your Portfolio for Potential Foul Weather