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Dear Fellow Investor,

There’s a clandestine military unit on the move in China… it’s the only unit of its kind in the world.

They call themselves The Gold Armed Police, the special army unit in China dedicated to locating, mining and protecting the country’s natural gold reserves.

convoyIn all, thousands of soldiers in twelve detachments of this elite unit travel all over China, scouring the most remote and inhospitable corners of this vast nation in search of gold.

They travel in convoys of armored vehicles across rugged terrain. They endure harsh weather and privation in their single-minded quest.

Soldiers from the 6th detachment are known to labor through snowstorms in the Qilian Mountain region of Qinghai.

Soldiers from the 8th detachment battle heat and blinding sandstorms as they detonate explosives in the deserts of Lop Nur.

If I could use only one word to describe the mindset of The Gold Armed Police—and the powerful Communist regime that supports them—it would be… relentless.

China’s Huge Appetite for Gold

Dr. LeebHello, my name is Dr. Stephen Leeb and I’m the editor of the financial advisory service, Real World Investing.

For three decades, I’ve studied the correlation between world events and the markets, helping members of my premium investment advisory reap huge profits even in the midst of global turmoil.

In all my years of reporting on investments, I have never seen a better opportunity for investors to multiply their money and grow astronomically wealthy than what I’ve seen unfolding in China and the gold markets.

winners And, equally true, I’ve never seen a more underreported (or should I say misreported?) financial topic than the direct connection between what’s going on in China today and the consequences that I predict will reverberate across the American landscape with devastating effects on our country’s economic well being.

For example, if you’ve never heard of the Chinese military unit I just described, then you’re not alone. Most people in the Western world are unaware of The Gold Armed Police.

Started in 1979 under the guidance of then leader Deng Xiaoping, The Gold Armed Police came into existence approximately eight years after the U.S. abandoned the gold standard.
And, believe me, the timing of the creation of this unique military unit was not coincidental.

Deng Xiaoping knew that once the U.S. stopped backing the dollar with gold there would be no turning back the eventual erosion of the dollar’s power on world markets.

And this was the exact opportunity to advance his country’s economic prospects that this Chinese leader had been waiting for.

The Chinese government began preparing itself to become a leading player in the world’s gold market. For almost 40 years, China has been steadily and stealthily accumulating massive amounts of gold.

Thanks in no small part to the diligence of The Gold Armed Police, China is now the world’s largest gold-producing country.

From 1976 to 2014, China’s domestic mining output grew by a whopping 2,964%. China’s Gold Army alone is credited with finding more than 1,800 tons of the precious metal.

gold mine production

But it’s not just gold mining that’s occupied the Chinese. They’ve been on an enormous gold shopping spree as well.

The Chinese government is secretive about the total amount of gold it imports into the country. However, Hong Kong does share the figures of gold imports that pass through its region headed for the mainland.

And the figures are impressive. According to the latest data from Hong Kong, gold imports into China have increased over 700% since 2010. The data shows China went from importing just 37 tons of gold through Hong Kong in 2006 to importing almost 1,000 tons in 2015.

gold grab

But that’s not the whole story. These figures drastically understate the total amount of gold flowing into China because they only show the amount entering through Hong Kong.

China also imports gold through Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing. I suspect the reason the gold totals for Hong Kong decreased recently is that China is now funneling more gold through these points where there is no reporting.

And now, for the first time in six years, China recently revealed how much gold it claims to have in reserves.

According to the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), the country has boosted its gold reserves by 57% since 2009, stating that it now holds about 1,658 metric tons.

If China’s claim is correct, it has overtaken Russia’s holdings and is now the country with the fifth-largest stash of gold. The countries with larger holdings are the U.S, Germany, Italy and France.

However, I suspect China is again severely underreporting the amount of gold it holds in reserves and should be ranked closer to the top of the list. 

While the Chinese are making a show of transparency in their gold reporting, Bloomberg Intelligence estimates a more likely gold figure is triple what the Chinese report—3,500 metric tons in reserves. If this figure is correct, then China’s holdings place it second only to the U.S.

Whatever numbers you believe in, one fact remains certain in my mind: China’s seemingly insatiable appetite for gold is just one component of its long-term plan to achieve its ultimate ambition—that of dethroning the U.S. as the world’s dominant economy.

But just how will controlling massive amounts of gold—along with some of the world’s most crucial natural resources and scarce commodities—lead to China’s ascendancy?

And most importantly to you, as a serious investor, how will this lead gold to skyrocket all the way to $5,000… $10,000… $15,000… and perhaps ultimately $20,000 an ounce?

To understand this, we first need to understand…

China’s Great Wall of Deception

Part of China’s strategy—in which it has recently found great success—is to have the International Monetary Fund (IMF) establish the yuan as a reserve currency, joining the dollar, the euro, the British pound, and the Japanese yen.

By designating it an SDR (special drawing rights currency) the yuan can now be used to settle international trade debts. The Chinese government certainly made no secret that it wanted the yuan to achieve this elevated status.

It did keep secret, however, that ultimately China wants to back the yuan with gold.

With this in mind, its decades-long quest to become the world’s largest miner of gold (spurred by its army of energetic Gold Armed Police) now begins to make sense.

And China’s hesitancy to reveal its actual gold reserves’ data also seems rational given the country’s true long-term objectives.

You see, once backed by gold, the yuan would become not just another reserve currency, but the most important of the designated reserve currencies.

It would become more desired than the dollar and would play an important role in international trade. Trading partners would see the yuan as a stable currency, one backed by an asset of tangible value.

And believe me, since the financial crash of 2008 exposed all the risks of a dollar-based world, doing business in a stable currency is on the minds of world leaders and global corporations alike.

Let’s put it this way: Given the choice of conducting trade in a currency that can be created out of thin air and has no tangible value (such as the U.S. dollar) or a currency that is backed by a commodity of value (such as the yuan will be when the Chinese back it with gold), which would you choose?

For China and many other Eastern countries, the obvious and best choice is the gold-backed yuan.

China’s lead official in charge of gold sums it up best when he proclaims (in a speech not intended for Western ears):

Gold is the only product that holds properties of a commodity and currency. It’s the most trusty asset on which modern fiat currency can be based.”

The Death of the Dollar and
the Birth of the
Next Massive
Bull Market in Gold…

(Plus simple steps you can take NOW to protect and grow your wealth)

Believe me when I say I get no pleasure in sounding the death knell for the dollar. While this will be the ideal scenario for the Chinese, it will be devastating for America.

The decline of the dollar will give China’s economy a huge edge by making other countries seek to hold the yuan as foreign reserves they can use in international trade, just as they were once eager to hold dollars.

Without its status as the primary reserve currency needed to obtain oil and other crucial commodities, the dollar will start to share the vulnerabilities associated with much weaker currencies like Brazil’s real or Argentina’s peso.
Countries that had been content to lend to the U.S. by buying Treasury bonds will now want their money back or demand much higher interest rates.

Once oil and other commodities are priced not in dollars, but most likely in a basket of currencies featuring the yuan and gold, the main reason for other countries to hold dollars will be lost.
Even if gold serves just as partial backing for this basket of currencies, it will lead to extremely high gold prices because the amount of gold in the world is limited.
This will lead to rising inflation in the U.S., and possibly a vicious circle in which the U.S. prints dollars to buy gold, further undermining the dollar’s value.

As commodities eventually become less available and more expensive, the U.S. economy will increasingly struggle. Under these circumstances, most Americans will suffer.

And here is the critical thing you must understand as America enters this period of economic decline: One of the only ways you will be able to obtain any financial security for yourself and your loved ones will be to hold gold and related investments… such as other precious metals, stocks in select mining companies and stocks in other companies destined to rise along with China’s ascendancy.

And, yes, I understand choosing the right investments in a time of chaos and conflict is a daunting task…

That’s why as editor of Real World Investing, it’s my job to guide you to the right investments at the right time.

My sole focus is to study the major global trends that few others pay attention to… such as the connection between China’s policies and the upcoming bonanza in gold… and alert you well before the news hits the mainstream press.

Which leads me to the first of my wealth-building tips that will help you rake in profits from what I predict will be the greatest gold market bonanza we’ll ever see…

Why it’s not just about gold—we are now
entering an age of scarcity unlike anything
we’ve ever experienced before…

A few years ago, while doing research for my book, Red Alert: How China’s Growing Prosperity Threatens the American Way of Life, I was curious to find out what other commodities and resources in addition to gold the Chinese might be stockpiling.

What I discovered was shocking…

It’s not just gold China has been quietly hoarding for decades.

Here’s a partial list of some of the commodities, materials and rare earth elements the Chinese government has been covertly stashing away (and in many cases, cornering the market on):

rare earth

Why have the Chinese been mining the heck out of their countryside (and many other countries to boot) in search of these rare earths and materials?

And once they’ve acquired these materials, why has China consistently been reducing the amounts they sell and export to other countries—the U.S. in particular?

And why have they been keeping their stockpiles of these resources in secret locations guarded by their military?

For two simple reasons. First, because the Chinese know these commodities, materials and rare earths are scarce. Like gold, there is a finite amount left to be mined on the planet. For some of these elements, we are less than a decade away from reaching depletion.

And second, the Chinese also know these materials are critical for the survival of a variety of industries and for the survival of entire nations.

For example, let’s take a metal we’re all familiar with — copper.

Copper is needed to build homes, windmills, high-voltage cables, and hybrid cars. Without relatively cheap copper, the entire U.S. economy will be turned upside down.

side China clearly recognizes the strategic value of having a ready supply of copper. They recently paid $3.4 billion for the rights to a deposit located in a former al-Qaeda stronghold south of Kabul, Afghanistan.

For the Chinese, the risk of operating in such a dangerous region is far outweighed by the potential of controlling an enormous source of copper.

 Now let’s take a look at some lesser known elements for which China’s monopoly verges on a worldwide stranglehold…

  Neodymium is an ingredient needed by the U.S. military for high-intensity permanent magnets, laser technology, range finders and night vision goggles…

  Zinc and indium are critical for U.S. companies that manufacture solar energy components…

  Antimony and gallium are needed for semiconductor manufacturing and the production of small arms and sophisticated military weapons…
  Germanium is vital for the U.S. fiber optics industry, while fluorspar and graphite are needed for energy storage…

While we could list page after page of scarce resources and their uses, the chilling point to remember is this…

The majority of resources critical for the U.S. to maintain its standard of living, infrastructure, energy independence and military superiority are increasingly under the control of the Chinese government…

While the Federal Reserve has been busy pumping out phony dollars backed by nothing tangible… and our politicians have been simultaneously spending like irresponsible teenagers on bloated legislation and a seemingly never-ending cycle of wars… the Chinese have been on an entirely different track.

They’ve been working behind the scenes to find solutions to what will be the next great global crisis—the upcoming era of scarcity in natural resources, rare earth elements and commodities. 
But here’s where it gets really interesting for investors who want to make a bundle in the coming years…

Commodity scarcities are
historically a root cause of bull markets in gold

There have been two HUGE gold bull markets in the past 45 years. The first began in 1971 with gold below $40 an ounce. It ended in early 1980 when gold hit $800, a spectacular better than twentyfold gain.


The second bull market was launched in late 1999 with gold trading at about $250 an ounce. It peaked in 2011 with gold at roughly $1,900 an ounce.

Both these bull markets developed because commodity scarcities thrust gold in the limelight as a way of rationing scarce resources.

And now the onset of a new era of tight commodities will be the second factor—joining the decline of the dollar and the rise of the yuan—that propels the next massive bull market in gold.

The 3 Myths About China You
Should Never Believe

Now I know some of you are shaking your heads in disbelief at the idea that China could outperform the U.S. in so many key areas.

For some, the mere idea that the mighty U.S. dollar could be dethroned by the Chinese yuan might seem like heresy.

After all, isn’t China in trouble? Haven’t they been hopelessly trammeled by debt? Isn’t their stock market in shambles? Aren’t they facing an economic slowdown of mammoth proportions?

Let me show you why China’s economy today is in far better shape than you could guess from reading the typical article in the West’s financial press.

Let’s tackle the most prominent myths one at a time…

   Myth #1:    China’s slowing economic growth rate proves it’s a country in trouble.

The Truth: China almost surely understates its economic growth rate. This assertion is based on research by some of America’s most credible and prestigious research institutes, such as the Carnegie Institute and the Center for Strategic & International Studies.

But most analysts are wedded to the opposite belief, that China exaggerates its growth on the upside.

Despite all the angst in the air and on the airwaves about China’s growth slowdown, let’s consider the following: The U.S. economy is currently growing at about a 2% annual rate, while China’s economy is growing at about 7%.

One way to appreciate the contrast is to realize that a fall of more than 2 percentage points in the U.S. would mean outright recession.

That same two-percentage point fall in China would leave it with a still-respectable growth rate of about 4.5 percent, more than double that of the U.S. today.

   Myth #2:   The ups and downs of China’s stock market are a clear indication of what’s going on in its economy.

The Truth: In contrast to the U.S., China’s financial markets tell us almost nothing about the state of China’s economy.

In the U.S., the surest sign something is wrong with the economy comes from our markets.
While a declining market isn’t by itself sufficient to cause a recession in the U.S., it’s a necessary condition and therefore a clear warning sign.

Not so in China. According to the most recent Federal Reserve Report, U.S. equities account for 33 percent of financial assets and 23 percent of total assets, which include real estate.
By contrast, China’s two most important sources of wealth are bank deposits and real estate. Both dwarf equities, which are held by less than 15 percent of the population.

Moreover, though total U.S. wealth is more than twice the total wealth in China, per capita bank deposits in China are nearly double those of American deposits.

Clearly a Chinese stock market crash means a lot less to the Chinese than a U.S. stock market crash means to Americans. In fact, we consider it downright silly to worry about the ups and downs of Shanghai stock prices.

It looks even sillier once your realize that the Chinese exchange is mostly closed to foreign investors. It is largely controlled by Chinese traders who often treat the market more as a gambling venue rather than a place to make long-term investments.

   Myth #3:   China has an insurmountable debt problem.

The Truth: It’s almost an article of faith in the U.S. that China’s banks are in deep trouble because of all the debt they hold from bad loans they made that will never be paid back. These fears, too, overlook some key realities.

First, most of China’s bank debt is debt that it owes to itself, intra-party debt—not debt owed to foreigners.

Second, China’s banks are flush with money. China’s public agencies have deposited huge sums of money into the country’s banks. This is money these agencies were allotted but never used, and so put aside in banks instead.

These deposits—amounting to almost $3.5 trillion—were recently uncovered by noted Chinese economist, Liang Hong. And they aren’t even counted as part of the country’s savings, which is estimated to be about $27 trillion.
These are astounding figures that analysts never mention when they bemoan China’s bad bank loans.

Put it this way: If Chinese banks have a problem with debt and if the country as a whole is vastly overleveraged, then the U.S.—with MORE debt than China and FAR LESS both in savings and growth potential—must be in truly dire straits.

Now after reading all this bad news about what’s coming down the pike for the U.S., I don’t blame you if you’re worried about your own personal finances and wealth.

That’s why you need to continue reading to discover my…


Still don’t believe gold at $20,000? 
Let’s do the math…

First, let’s start with the scenario that China is successful in getting the yuan backed by gold. For the reasons I’ve already outlined, the yuan will then dethrone the dollar and become the favored currency worldwide in conducting trade.

International trade will then be backed up by gold held in reserves by central banks around the world.

Just how much international trade are we talking about?

According to the World Trade Organization (WTO), international trade in 2014 was valued at a little over $38 trillion.

While the 2015 figures aren’t in yet, the WTO estimates a 2.8% growth rate. That would put the 2015 value of international trade at approximately $39.5 trillion.

So, in the ideal world, that means the central banks would have $39.5 trillion in gold reserves to back up international trade.

However, as you might have guessed, we don’t live in the ideal world.

The central banks don’t have anywhere near $39.5 trillion in gold reserves!

In fact, the latest figures indicate they have 29,500 tonnes of gold, which is equivalent to about $1.3 trillion if gold is valued at $1,250 an ounce (the approximate value of gold as I write this).

Now you might assume the central banks better hustle and start acquiring a whole lot more gold to get their reserves up.

After all, in the gold-hungry world dominated by the Chinese, trade needs to be backed by something of value (gold) and not by worthless paper.

But here’s the dilemma: The amount of gold in the world is finite. Most of it has already been mined. If the central banks could somehow get ahold of every single ounce of gold ever mined (yes, that includes the gold ring off your finger and the gold fillings from your teeth) it would still not be enough to back one year’s worth of international trade!

All the gold already mined (about 171,000 tonnes) is worth approximately $9 trillion if gold’s valued at $1,500 an ounce. Again, not anywhere near enough to back our $39.5 trillion in international trade.

So, what happens to the price of something when it’s scarce and in high demand? Naturally, that price goes up and that’s exactly what could happen to the price of gold in our scenario…

For the central banks to turn their current $1.3 trillion in gold reserves into $39.5 trillion, the price of gold would need to go up over 30-fold. That means that gold would need to go from its current price of $1,250 an ounce to approximately $38,000 an ounce!

coins Now as much as I believe the price of gold will skyrocket in the coming years, this number seems jaw dropping even to me…

A much more likely scenario is that central banks will try to beef up their supply of gold through additional purchases.

Realizing they will never be able to back up 100% of international trade with gold because there simply isn’t enough gold in the world to do so, they might decide to only back up one half of the trade equation—either import or export trade.

So, instead of $39.5 trillion in international trade, the central banks would back up half of that ($19.75 trillion) with their available gold reserves.

The price of gold would still need to go up over 15-fold to approximately $19,000 an ounce!

But that target will likely prove just the start if, as we discussed earlier, accelerating commodity scarcities start pushing commodity prices higher.

These higher commodity prices will automatically boost the value of international transactions, meaning gold prices will have to rise even higher in order to cover that elevated value.

If my projections for gold seem improbably high, the world of financial assets has certainly seen their like before.

Microsoft, for example, rose more than one hundred-fold. And gold itself rose from around $30 in the early 1970s to $800 in the late 1980s… while junior gold miners gained a hundred-fold and more.

So, as you can see, a fifteen- to twenty-fold rise in gold from current levels is far from a fantasy. While it still could take some time for gold to take off, investors who buy sooner rather than later could ride the rally to enormous wealth.

How a 10% Move in Gold Can Lead You to
Over 70% in Profit… in Just 7 Months!

As an investor in gold stocks, you need to understand the amazing profits you can achieve from even a small move in the price of gold. Take a look at this chart, for example…

Here you see the price of gold recently moved up almost 10%.

Now take a close look at what happened to the price of my gold stock picks “A” and “B” during that same time period.

Yep, that’s right—both my picks zoomed up over 70%!

That’s enough to turn a $10,000 investment into $17,000 in just 7 months!

And this is really just the beginning for gold. I predict in the months to come you’re going to be reading story after story of folks who are reaping huge profits as small moves in the price of gold result in astronomical moves in related stocks.

That’s because good gold stocks are highly leveraged to the price of gold. Getting in early on these stocks before the bull market really heats up is a key strategy for making tons of money.

Now, of course, the question probably on your mind is how do you go about buying these stellar stocks?

Well, as you can see from the above chart, I know how to pick good gold stocks.

Now I know that might sound like bragging—even though the evidence is pretty clear. It’s there in black and white.

But here’s some more proof…

Last year I participated in MoneyShow’s annual stock picking contest. That’s where MoneyShow surveys the nation’s leading financial newsletter editors, asking them for their favorite conservative and speculative picks for the coming year.

I went out on a limb and announced a gold investment as one of my picks. I say “out on a limb” because lots of so-called experts were bashing gold at the time.

People thought I was nuts to stake my reputation on gold at a time when the metal was trending down.

Still, I stuck to my guns. My indicators and research showed this company was on the verge of breaking out.

Plus, I’d been following China’s increasing activity in the gold market. I knew this stock would be the perfect setup play once the bull market really started to heat up.

So what happened? My gold pick zoomed up almost 45% despite a down year in gold. Yes, gold was down 10% in 2015, but I still figured out how to make a tidy profit for my readers.

And, as icing on the cake, MoneyShow named my pick a top performer of the year.

And, speaking of my readers, here’s a question I’ve been getting a lot lately…

So, Steve, what happens if gold doesn’t go to $20,000?
Can I still make money?

Good question. And the answer is a resounding… YES!

Again, it all goes back to the power of leverage. If you know the right stocks to pick and the right timing—which I’ve shown you I do—even small moves in the price of gold can make you boatloads of money.

OK, for the sake of argument, let’s just say I’m wrong about gold at $20,000.

Let’s say it tops out at $10,000 an ounce.

If you purchased an ounce of gold at today’s prices (around $1,250 as I write this) and held until gold reached $10,000, you’d be sitting pretty at a gain of almost $9 grand.

Certainly a very respectable profit!

But what if you had invested in the gold stocks I’ve researched and vetted? Stocks that measure up on all my indicators and that I’ve tracked extensively over a long time?

Exactly like the “Stock A” and “Stock B” that I told you about above? Stocks that each skyrocketed up over 70% in 7 months on a less than 10% gain in gold…

Well, because my stock picks are highly leveraged to gold, you could be looking at a 20-fold gain!

In fact, you could be looking at a much higher gain, since my analysis is telling me that a five-fold move in gold could translate into a 35-fold move in selected gold stocks.

Imagine what gains like this could mean to your retirement nest egg… to your family’s financial survival…

The coming bull market in gold could be your best opportunity to not just get way ahead of the curve, but to actually become extremely wealthy.

I’m proud to say I’ve helped many of my readers achieve just this kind of wealth and security over the years with my recommendations and guidance.

Here’s what a few of them have to say about my track record:

“Advice you can take to the bank”

…”I have been following Dr. Leeb for many years and his assessments are typically right on the mark. Whether he is talking about market direction and volatility in general, or specifically what to expect regarding China or India, gold, inflation, or oil, he knows what he is talking about and you better pay attention or you will pay the price one way or another… his commentary is timely and actionable … advice you can take to the bank.”
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“Thrive in these turbulent times”

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Research Team and Ideas “Invaluable”

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